CPSC Copthill Parents Social Committee

The Copthill Parents Social Committee (CPSC) is a group of parents who organise and run family and social events for the school. These events range from very successful and spectacular bonfire nights and country shows to parties and parent breakfasts.

Funds raised are used to enhance the facilities within the school, or to fund or subsidise events. The committee tries to ensure that funds are only used for ‘icing on the cake’ luxuries that wouldn’t reasonably be expected to be covered by the fees.

If you are interested in finding out more about the CPSC, or would like to be involved, please come along to one of our meetings or events. Alternatively, you can contact us at cpsc@copthill.com The committee should consist of at least 8, but not more than 15 members and membership is open to all parents. Officers are elected at the annual general meeting, which is usually held in October. 

The CPSC has a lively Facebook page with news of forthcoming events.  Please take a look.

The Copthill Parents Social Commitee 2017/2018

Sarah Kettlewell Chairman
Carol Finlan Vice Chairman
Louise Bussey Treasurer
Trina Brittain Treasurer
Alex Brown Secretary
Nikki Cavacuiti Accountant
Emma Berry  
Debs Pennell  
Joanna Durrands  
Jo Richardson  
Glynis Sullivan-Porteous  
Kerry Tanner  
Vicky Fisher  

Details of all CPSC events are sent out via parent mail and posters are displayed in and around school.