At Copthill our aim is to achieve a curriculum that is stimulating, creative and enjoyable. As an independent school, we are in a fortunate position because we can gauge current thinking and keep up-to-date with changes that are introduced nationally but we have the freedom to deliver a broader curriculum that is relevant and appropriate for our unique pupils.  Our Copthill curriculum follows the Dimensions© Curriculum model. Literacy, science, history, geography, art, DT, music, dance and drama are taught through a thematic approach, with applied maths linked in when appropriate.  This inspires and challenges our pupils with meaningful learning.  Subjects taught discretely are RE, PE and games, maths and more technical aspects of the English curriculum.  

Our curriculum is continuously under review to ensure that its content supports the aim of stimulating, creative and enjoyable teaching and learning across the whole school where every pupil achieves their potential.


We pride ourselves in identifying and supporting outstanding talents in sport, music, drama and in the academic subjects. Learning partnerships with other schools are in place to support such pupils and our curriculum has provisions to challenge and support these talented pupils through extension groups and specialist teaching.

The Copthill Learner

Our curriculum is skills based curriculum, with an emphasis on developing learning and life skills which are essential for their future. Teachers use the whole curriculum to promote and develop these important skills


Pupils in Reception to Year 2 are ability grouped for their daily literacy hour. Pupils are streamed for maths from Years 2-6 and for English from Years 4-6. Streaming is in two or three sets, with regular extension and reinforcement groups taken by staff and assistants. Setting is also used for other subjects in Years 4-6 including science, languages and verbal & non-verbal reasoning. This streaming ensures that all pupils gain confidence and achieve their potential in all subjects. 

Additional subjects

In addition to the full National Curriculum, Copthill has a strong emphasis on learning additional languages, with pupils receiving the following:

French From Pre-school - Year 6 All pupils
Spanish Years 4, 5 & 6 All pupils
Latin Years 5 & 6 Top set linguists
Ancient Greek Years 6 Y6 gifted and talented group
Verbal & non-verbal reasoning Years 4, 5 & 6 All pupils

All pupils are in preparation for 11+ and a wide variety of entrance examinations.


There are also specialist rooms for art, drama, dance,  music, languages, ICT and science. These are used by different year groups for lessons taught by specialist teachers. There is a spacious hall which is used for daily assemblies, gymnastics, drama productions and indoor sports.  There are extensive grounds used for our continious outdoor learning, along with an all weather astro turf and many sports pitches.

There is a dining room and kitchen for breakfast club, lunch and tea.