Copthill's Aims and Vision

At Copthill our vision overarches our educational aims and is the foundation on which our plans for our pupils, future developements and progress are based. 

Copthill's Educational Vision

Put the child at the heart of their education, making the education fit the child rather than trying to make the child fit into a one-size-fits-all system;

Care for our children as individuals within a supportive family community, learning and growing together - happy children learn;

Have the highest expectations of all our children across all areas of their education and development but be flexible in our approach;

Challenge and support our children to be confident in recognising their own and each other's strengths and talents across the broad Copthill curriculum;

Acknowledge that learning can be difficult and reassure our children that making mistakes is part of the process of learning;

Instil in our children the curiosity, excitement, desire and drive to be lifelong learners, seizing every opportunity to pursue their dreams and to write their own success stories at each stage of their journey;

Grow as Copthill Learners (responsible citizens, independent explorers, team players, problem solvers, creative thinkers, reflective learners), respecting each other, our environment and ourselves and preparing for the next stage in life, whatever that might be.


Copthill's Educational Aims


A welcoming, stimulating and happy environment which is friendly, caring and well disciplined, in which every pupil is encouraged to achieve and motivated to succeed.

An open-door policy, providing the foundations for effective communication and co-operation between Home and School.

A broad curriculum emphasising the importance of literacy and numeracy and designed to develop lifelong  knowledge, skills and attitudes that allow our children to become responsible citizens, independent explorers,  creative thinkers, problem solvers, team players and reflective learners.

An emphasis on using the outdoor environment to engage and inspire our pupils, developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes across the curriculum.

An excellent preparation for entrance to a wide range of state and independent secondary schools.