Copthill outdoors

At Copthill, the outdoors is not an ‘add on’ to school life; it is an integral part of the school's teaching philosophy.

This holistic approach is called Enriched External Learning (EEL) and it permeates all areas of school life for all age groups. It is designed to encourage pupils to benefit from the challenges, opportunities and wonder of the outdoors.

We believe that the inspirational opportunities, as well as the obvious benefits for health, mental wellbeing and fitness, will leave a lasting impression on their childhood and well into adult life.

When I started at Copthill I had no idea how many opportunities I would have, but knew I was going to have fun when I skinned a rabbit and made a shelter to sleep in during my first week at school.

Year 5 girl


Copthill is a very special and unique school.  It has such a fresh and enterprising approach to education.