Secondary Schools, Scholarships and 11 plus

We pride ourselves on our expertise and impartial advice for parents regarding Secondary School options. In many cases no advice is needed by parents and we would just encourage you to keep in touch with staff regarding your child’s progress.

Each year we will provide a list of school Open Days which may be of interest. We will also try to arrange various talks from school heads and other events within school to provide information and advice. We would also encourage parents to talk to teachers, Tutors, Deputy or Headmaster, if you would like their opinions or advice on schools. They would all be delighted to help. Our aim is to ensure that this is a stress free process for pupils and parents!

In Year 5 we will contact all parents for initial thoughts about Secondary Schools to help our planning and to aid discussion.


11+ Preparation at Copthill

Copthill has an excellent reputation for preparing children, both academically and organisationally for 11+ examinations.

The 11+ is a very specific entry test and whilst we will always prepare and support pupils in achieving this goal it is even more important that pupils have the innate academic ability and confidence to thrive in the grammar school environment. We initially provide a gradual introduction and familiarisation in verbal and non-verbal reasoning to all pupils in Year 4. Then by the beginning of Year 5, teachers will provide all parents with a detailed summary of how their child is performing in this specific subject, as well as their general academic ability. This information will be vital to help parents make an informed decision about taking the 11+ examination.

When parents have made this decision, their child will continue to have regular specific verbal and non-verbal lessons during Year 5. There are also revision sessions provided at regular intervals throughout the Summer holidays in preparation for the exam in early September.

Pupils are thoroughly prepared, in a gradual manner, which removes unnecessary stress from the process and ultimately ensures that pupils taking the exam always achieve their potential.


The Copthill Timetable to Secondary School

Below are a few short pointers, which may help you when starting to think about secondary school options. We will publish a list of secondary school Open days on our Upper School Notice board, please don't hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss your thoughts.

In Year 4 & 5 we suggest parents:-  

Visit Secondary Schools on Open Days & talk to existing parents

In Year 5       

Talk to teachers and Tutors about these choices and your aims.  Make an appointment to visit your chosen schools and meet the Head.

Give your initial thoughts to your child’s teacher regarding possible schools. When you have decided on a suitable school or short list - register pupils.

In Year 6       

Ensure you have completed all necessary paperwork for your Secondary School choices. 

Complete any scholarship / preference forms by deadlines.

Await the happy news!

Make final choice by any deadline

School 2017 2016 2015





Bourne Grammar 9 7 14 6 21 11
The Kings School 4 (1A) (1M) 4 2 1 6 6
Kirkstone House - - 2 1 2 1

Oakham School

1 1 8 (3M) 6 3 2

Oundle School

3 (2A) 2 1 1 2 (1A) -
Stamford Endowed Schools 16 (2A) 16 24 (3A) (2M) (3S) 18 18 (6A) (3M) (1S)


The Peterborough School 1 (1S) 1 1 (1A) (1M) - 2 1
Other Independant Schools 1 1 - - - -
Local State Schools   3   3   1

P = Place Offered

D = Final Destination

A = Academic Awards Offered

M = Music Awards Offered

S = Sports Scholarships