Sport plays an important role at Copthill, with a strong focus in the timetable, along with numerous extracurricular sports clubs.  We recognise how important pupils' physical health and emotional well-being are, and the relationship between these and academic achievement. So it's high on our agenda - come rain or shine.

Pupils are encouraged to 'have a go' and enjoy themselves.  They're given regular opportunities to develop their skills and understanding of an impressive variety of sporting activities. There's something for everyone to excel at.

Opportunities to excel
Coaching Pupils enjoy coaching from qualified teachers or specialist instructors.
Competitive fixtures and tournaments As a school, Copthill is both competitive and successful.  Pupils are encouraged by specialist teachers, who take PE and games sessions, to participate in competitive fixtures and tournaments.
Extracurricular sports clubs Every day, after school, there are numerous voluntary extracurricular sports clubs.  Click here to see what's on offer.
Facilities  Our exceptional facilities include an all-weather astro turf pitch, rugby/football pitches, cricket nets, netball courts, tennis courts, a large hall/gymnasium and extensive grounds to pursue athletics, cross country and orienteering activities.

Years 1-3 have a weekly swimming lesson with specialist teachers in a local pool. Years 4-6 swim for one term each year, concentrating on advance swimming techniques and competitive swimming.

All pupils participate in the following sports.

Girls sports Boys sports
Hockey Hockey
Netball Rugby
Rounders Cricket

Girls and boys participate together in the following sports
Archery Athletics
Basketball Cross country
Gymnastics Hockey
Modern dance Orienteering
Rifle shooting Rock climbing
Swimming Tennis

Extracurricular sports programme for girls and boys
Archery Basketball
Cross country Football
Golf Karate
Mixed hockey Rifle shooting
Rock climbing Sailing
Siege Table tennis