Staff Contact Details

TELEPHONE MESSAGE SERVICE - 01780 757506 Please use this line for all the following calls:

Absence - option 4 (before 9.30am) - If your child is away for more than one day a phone call will be expected daily.

School closure - option 5 (from 7.00am) – Check if the School is closed due to snow. A decision to continue as normal will have been taken unless information to the contrary is heard on the answer machine and sent out via text message.

Staff Contact Details

Principal -  Mr J Teesdale
Headteacher  - Mrs H Schofield
Upper School Leader - Mr M Thomas
Lower School Leader (Pastoral) – Mrs A Teesdale
Lower School Leader (Academic) - Mrs J Dimbelby
Learning Support (Senco) - Mrs R York-Forward
Registrar - Mrs P Rayner 
Heads' P.A. & School Administration - Mrs L Flynn  / 01780 757506
Finance Office
Bursar - Mr S Teesdale / 01780 757506
Assistant Bursar - Mrs Paula Rayner paula.rayner@copthill .com
Finance Assistant - Mrs Carly Smith
Sports Department 
Head of Sport - Mrs G Alcoran / 01780 757506
Director of Sport - Mr N Teesdale
Sports Administration - Mrs S Genever-Jones
Music Department 
Head of Music - Mrs S McAlindon / 01780 757506
Year Group Contacts
Nursery - Mrs A Forman
Pre School - Mrs T Fleming
Reception -  Mrs J Dimbleby and Mrs S Holder /
Year 1 - Mrs C Boughton and Mrs S Over /
Year 2 - Mrs A Donaldson and Mrs R York-Forward /
Year 3 - Mrs A Teesdale and Mrs C Tidswell /
Year 4 - Mrs L Underwood and Mrs J Wallace
Year 5 - Mr M Thomas and Mrs H Day /
Year 6 - Mr T Smith and Mr S Willson
Marketing/PR - Mrs E Westwood
Medical - Mrs Hammond
Uniform - Mrs Carly Smith
CPSC – Mrs Sarah Kettlewell (Chair)

The School Unform Shop is situated at Copthill Enterprises off the A16 Deeping Rd and is OPEN on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.00am - 10.00am