Staff Contacts

TELEPHONE MESSAGE SERVICE  01780 757506 please use this line for all the following calls:

Absence - option 4 (before 9.30am).  If your child is away for more than one day a phone call will be expected daily.

School closure - If school needs to be closed for any reason, a message will be sent out via PMX and on FaceBook. A decision to continue as normal will have been taken unless information to the contrary is sent out.

Staff Contacts

Principal   Mr Jonathan Teesdale
Bursar  Mr Simon Teesdale
Headteacher  Mrs Helen Schofield
Heads' PA & School Administrator  Mrs Linda Flynn / 01780 757506
Upper School Leader  Mr Mark Thomas
Directors' PA & Admissions  Mrs Paula Rayner
Lower School Leader (Pastoral) Mrs Anne Teesdale
Lower School Leader (Academic) Mrs Judy Dimbleby
Learning Support (Senco)  Mrs Rachel York-Forward
Finance  Mrs Carly Smith
Admissions and Marketing  Mrs Elli Westwood
Sports Department 
Head of Sport  Mrs Gemma Alcoran / 01780 757506
Director of Sport  Mr Nicholas Teesdale
Sports Administration Mrs Susan Genever-Jones
Music Department 
Head of Music  Mrs Sarah McAlindon / 01780 757506
Year Group Contacts
Nursery  Mrs Alex Forman
Pre School  Mrs Tamsin Fleming
Reception Mrs Judy Dimbleby and Mrs Sarah Holder /
Year 1  Mrs Claire Boughton and Mrs Suzanne Over /
Year 2  Mrs Anna Donaldson and Mrs Rachel York-Forward
Year 3  Mrs Anne Teesdale and Mrs Claire Tidswell /
Year 4  Mrs Lisa Underwood and Mrs Joanna Wallace /
Year 5  Mr Mark Thomas and Mrs Helen Day /
Year 6   Mr Tom Smith and Mr Simeon Willson
Medical  Mrs Carol Finlan
Uniform  Mrs Carly Smith
CPSC   Mrs Sarah Kettlewell (Chair)

The School Uniform Shop is situated at Copthill Enterprises off the A16 Deeping Rd and is open on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.15 - 10.15am.