The Copthill Challenge Scheme

The Copthill Challenge Scheme (CCS) is designed to challenge all our pupils from Year 4 upwards, by providing an incentive to participate in the huge variety of opportunities provided by the staff.


The aims behind running such a scheme at Copthill are:

Recognise all the skills and interests of pupils – not just academic, sporting or musical achievements;

Encourage pupils to try new skills and challenges, including practical skills which are not part of the curriculum;

Encourage children to think about others and offer help through providing a service in school or out of school;

Develop leadership and teamwork skills;


The main elements of the scheme are as follows;

The scheme runs throughout the year and from Years 4-6.

Each year the requirements become more challenging.

Each pupil can achieve a bronze, silver or gold award over the three years, depending on their enthusiasm, self motivation and commitment to a skill or variety of activities during the years.

The scheme is designed to be achievable for every child.

Some challenges are achievable in school time, others are designed to be done out of school with parental support.  At the end of Year 6 there will be an accumulation of all their awards with an appropriate ceremony and a final Record of Achievement.

The scheme is a completely voluntary scheme and is child initiated. There are sections in which the children are required to do voluntary service, in or out of school. All aspects of their development are awarded points – responsibilities and projects as well as commitment, progression and achievement.  Evidence of the challenges is recorded in a log book which must be kept and completed periodically by each pupil over three years.

Progress through the awards will be followed by Form Teachers, Tutors and the Challenge Scheme Coordinator, who will encourage children to participate in new skills etc where possible. 

The scheme is taken very seriously by pupils. We hope you will encourage your child to take up the challenge. It encompasses many important skills which will be required for Secondary School and more importantly adult life!