A Musical Friday at Copthill

Reception – Jack and the Beanstalk
A big ‘thank you’ to all those of you who managed to make it to see our fantastic production of Jack
and the Beanstalk today! Who knew that the Reception classes were full of so many West End stars
in the making! The children sang and acted their way through this bitesize musical, much to the joy
and laughter of our supportive parents and relatives. Never has a giant been so cute, or a bossy wife
so adorable! Reception really know how to capture an audience – well done to everyone!

Summer Concert
Finally the sun appears to be making a comeback for summer and just in time for the Copthill
Summer Concert! All of our musical ensembles performed on this hot and sunny afternoon and
brought what has been a very busy week for the performing arts at Copthill to a triumphant close!
The concert kicked off with the super cute Lower School Choir who brought their particular brand of
energy and humour to the stage. This was followed by great performances from the String Trio,
Minims Recorder Group, String Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Band, Semibreves Recorder Group,
Copthill School Choir and finally Rock Band!
Glastonbury may well kick off today, but they’ve got nothing on us!