The Copthill Go Karting Grand Prix 2019

A hot night both on and off the track.  31 teams including 6 built by Mr Campbell and school the Copthill Go Kart Club (a racy 3 wheel design!).  This is the first time we have had a two seater designs and even the Principal managed to up his game with his 5 seat alternative minibus!  Lots of thrills and quite a few spills but the funniest moment has to be next years incoming Head Boy coming off at the corner and ploughing towards and fleeing the St Johns ambulance medics! The evening finished with our director of sport being pushed by Mrs Alcoran and Mr Thurston at speed, the wheel came off on the final bend and Mr Teesdale ploughed into the flower tub… brilliant!

Winner of the distance lap was Charlie Berry, winners of the speed lap Jasper and Felix Horsley and best design winner was Freddie Gee.

Thanks to you all for entering into the spirit,  to Mr Thurston for the judging and to the CPSC for thirst quenching refreshments.

Thanks everyone a truly brilliant effort and here’s to The Copthill Go Karting Grand Prix 2020!  some great pictures from the event The Copthill Grand Prix 2019