Welcome Back from The Principal

Welcome back to you all.  I hope that, like me, you are looking forward to the academic year ahead.  I would like to wish a particularly warm welcome to our new children and their families, who are joining us this term. 

Copthill is always a busy place over the summer holidays. As a working farm, there has been a harvest to collect and animals to look after. Apart from a field fire caused by a bird striking electricity lines, it has all gone to plan! There have been huge numbers of children attending the wide variety of summer camps including Early Years, sports, art, cookery, Forest School and outdoor adventure. Around these camps, there is always a continuous programme of maintenance and other developments to factor in too. The school shop has been relocated over the holidays and has now slotted in neatly near the Creative Suite, which will hopefully ease logistics for parents. 

Staff have been busy updating curriculum plans for the new academic year to ensure we continue to deliver an exciting and relevant curriculum, always with Copthill’s educational vision in mind. A chapter in my ‘holiday read’ about the fourth industrial revolution reassured me that our curriculum, developed around our vision and aims and the characteristics of the Copthill Learner, is helping to provide all our children with the skills they need for the future. “Maths, reading and writing are vital for living, but not so much for earning a decent living, because machines can already do all basic information management and processing much faster and more accurately than us. What machines can’t do – and quite possibly never will be able to do – is negotiate, build relationships, empathise, instil confidence, win trust, create great art, write moral philosophy, dream or any of the other emotional and intuitive activities that are central both to highly paid careers and the sheer joy of being alive” – Robert PestonOpportunities to develop these vital skills  are now interwoven into so many areas of our curriculum and our outdoor activities are an integral part of this.

At the end of the summer term, the SMT always spend much time reviewing the academic year. As always there are many areas of school life which we continue to discuss professionally in order to make improvements for the coming year. Mrs Schofield will be writing with information about some of these initiatives in due course. In the meantime, the staff are all looking forward to seeing the children on Tuesday and yourselves over the coming days for what will be an exciting and busy term.

With best wishes

Jonathan Teesdale