The Space to Earth Challenge Smashed!

Amazing day of competitive and supportive spirit as we took part in the The Space2Earth challenge following our winning Tri Janaury. Wonderful to welcome Triathlon Trust who provided us with this rather unique challenge (and the bikes). We were set the task of cycling 700km collectively in order to replicate reaching satellites near the moon……Boom! Copthill smashed it and racked up an amazing 1315km between us all. There’s been some serious yeargroup competition (never mind the sports departments rivalry, we thought Mr Nick Teesdale was going to hyperventilate he was going so fast!), but Year 5 came out victorious and were the overall winners, achieving a marvellous 270km between them. The bursar has kindly agreed to donate £270 to SportRelief 2020 so hoping we can all add to that over the coming week. A great day had by all and so brilliant to see such enthusiasm and spirit.