The 2020 Virtual Copthill Stampede

The Copthill Stampede is a highlight of the school calendar, and even though this years event had to be postponed,  you all turned the current situation into an opportunity and transformed  your gardens into your own Stampede courses.  You all had the fun of dreaming up, designing, building, and then taking on, your very own obstacles and you certainly didn’t disappoint.
To get everyone started and inspired to do better, we found a film of two young athletes Stampeding around their garden!!   A couple of familiar sights!
The rules of the 2020 Garden Stampede:
  • Fancy Dress is compulsory
  • Distance covered is optional
  • The Course must be creative
  • The Obstacles must be exciting (and some water based)
  • Fun must be guaranteed

Some wonderful pictures from the your awesome efforts at this years ‘Garden Stampede’… so impressed we just had to share.   Your Wonderful Garden Stampede Entries 

Thank you everyone 👊