It have been a busy few weeks…

Welcome to the Year 1 blog.

Both classes have been settling in well to new routines and getting to know the new adults that are helping them in their learning.

Last week we made a discovery outside….Thomas found an interesting looking tin and upon opening it we realised we had discovered a time capsule!

The capsule had lots of ‘old’ toys inside and a letter from a young girl who talked about her time at school. We all agreed it didn’t sound as fun as school is now.

I wonder if the children can remember the time in History that our time capsule was buried?

The children in 1F have also been doing some colour mixing in art and have created some wonderful paintings inspired by Kandinsky, we will be using these to decorate our year 1 corridor.

Please take a look at the other photos to see the other interesting things we have been getting up to.