School Meals and Nutrition

As a farming community, it’s important that we promote British produce and help our pupils learn more about where their food comes from.  Our outstanding caterers, CH&Co, support us in doing this.  Through their educational initiatives and the superb food on offer, our pupils are encouraged to choose from the wide selection of nutritious meals at lunchtime, including hot or cold choices and vegetarian options.

Food is an intrinsic part of school life and we are keen to teach pupils about the whole life cycle of food.  CH@Co are a huge part of this educational process as they mirror our school values. Their philosophy is simple; to provide a food standard that can’t be bettered, using fresh and locally sourced foods.  They’re unique in providing catering to independent schools only.

CH&Co ‘Eating for Life’ programme has raised our pupils’ dietary awareness, ensuring a high level of pupil and parental satisfaction. Annual highlights include theme weeks from banquets to celebrate the Victorian era, to delicious national dishes that create a greater cultural awareness.

We are currently promoting well being at the school and have created ‘pots of happy’, which is the idea of happy food.  We have tasting tables with this food.  It reminds people that food is fun, as sometimes I think we forget that.  We really want to spark an enthusiasm for food that lasts for life.

CH&Co implements a nut free environment within our catering units.

Our procurement department have removed all products that contain peanuts and tree nuts from our online purchasing system. However, CO&Co can still purchase products with allergen information stating that this product ‘may contain nuts’.

Although the risk has been significantly reduced CH&Co can still NOT guarantee that any kitchen is 100% nut free.