Thank you for considering a Copthill education for your family.  For most families, investing in an independent school education requires careful financial planning.  As you will learn through the admissions process, families find great value in the Copthill experience and the distinctive way in which we prepare our pupils for the future.

Copthill School fees are an inclusive fee, incorporating all tuition fees, lunches, after school care until 4.30pm* and any compulsory UK based, non-residential outings.

Upper School 2020-2021

Year 3 - Year 6£ 3,550.00 per term

Lower School 2020-2021

Year 1 - Year 2£ 3,175.00 per term
Reception£ 3,175.00 per term
Reception with EY funding£ 2,420.00 - £ 2,595.00 per term, based on number of weeks per term

Nursery and Pre school classes 2020-2021

2 year olds (with no EarlyYears funding)£ 30.65 per morning. including lunch

£ 18.00 per afternoon
3/4 year olds (with EarlyYears funding)

3 days per week - £ 82.41

4 days per week - £ 129.23

5 days per week - £ 176.05

Optional extras

Ballet (ages 3+)£ 53.50 per term
Tap and Modern (ages 4+)£ 53.50 per term
Individual music lessons - 30 minute lesson (Years 1 - 6)£ 189.00 per term
Speech and drama (Years 3 - 6)£ 119.00 per term

Before and After school charges

Teas£3.60 per day
After school club£1.50 - £ 8.00 per day

Upper and Lower School fees are an inclusive figure, incorporating all tuition fees, lunches, after school care until 4.30pm* and any compulsory UK based, non-residential outings.  Additional extras are completely optional such as peripatetic music and drama or specialist activities, i.e. karate and specific clothing, additional personal equipment or replacement items.

*unless prior notice is given.

Fees are reviewed annually, taking effect from the following September.


There’s a non-refundable registration fee of £85.00 per family that’s payable on the completion of the registration form.  Admission and entry will then be subject to the availability of a place.  Upon registration the school will keep you informed of the availability of places.

Click here to request a prospectus.

ACCEPTANCE OF A PLACE                                                    

Once an offer of a place has been made formally in the main school (Reception – Year 6), this is secured on completion of an acceptance form and receipt of a £250.00 refundable deposit. The deposit is per pupil and is refundable when the pupil leaves the school.


A discount of 5% is offered for a second child whilst two children are in the Upper School (Year3-6).

Additional discounts are available for a third child, where all three children are in full-time education at Copthill. (In the term following the youngest child’s 5th birthday).

The Old Copthillian Bursary offers a 5% discount and is available to children of old Copthill pupils.


The school has a bursary scheme which is available to provide longer-term financial support for parents.  These awards are available to potential pupils who, would benefit from and contribute to life at Copthill. All applications are means-tested applications and are dealt with professionally and in the strictest confidence.


Fees are invoiced in advance of the term for payment by BACS, cheque or monthly direct debit.

BACS: Barclays 20-81-20 Account Number: 60753203 (Ref: child’s name)


Direct debit payment scheme.  Fees can be spread over 12 months, without incurring interest charges. Payments for the Autumn term begin on 1 July, ie. payment would be 2 months in advance.


Childcare vouchers are acceptable as payment for all fees up to the age of 5.  Over 5, voucher payments can be used for all chargeable activities/childcare, before and after the normal school day and school year.


We offer a discount to parents wishing to pay one year’s tuition fees in advance  The discount offered is currently 0.25% on tuition fees only.

For information regarding finance, please contact: Mrs Carly Smith E: carly.smith@copthill.com  T: 01780 757 506.