Advisory Panel

Copthill has an advisory panel of members who provide advice on educational, administrative and strategic matters. They carry out many of the functions of a governing body, and work closely with the directors to ensure proper oversight of the school’s work. The panel consists of volunteers from the local community who bring a wide portfolio of talents and a breadth of experience.[/header]

Responsibilities include

  • help with interviews and selection for senior teaching or management posts
  • consideration of serious complaints as part of the school’s complaints procedure
  • consideration of disciplinary matters as part of the school’s disciplinary procedure
  • attendance at official and unofficial functions throughout the year
  • reviewing key policy areas annually, such as safeguarding and health & safety
  • monitoring standards, provide support and encouragement to staff by attending school events
The Advisory Panel

Andy Cordial

Advisor responsible for Health & Safety.

Andy has worked in the computer industry for 25 years and enjoys the challenge of a fast moving and constantly evolving industry. He runs his own business Origin Storage and is involved with DataLocker. Working in the computer industry has given him an understanding of the complexities in providing a robust and secure I.T. infrastructure. Andy lives near Stamford with his wife and lots of pets, and his three children attended Copthill.

Julia Harbage

Advisor responsible for Safeguarding.

Julia started her working life at Lloyds of London in the City, where she was part of the team responsible for commissioning the New Lloyds Building.  For the past 25 years she has worked in PR and marketing.  As the Project Coordinator at Copthill, she helped to establish Brookwoods as the school caterers.  More recently she was Registrar at Leicester High School for Girls.  Her three children attended Copthill - the eldest being one of the last pupils educated at Copthill Farm.

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Margaret Miles

Advisor responsible for Curriculum.

Margaret's career started in London as a sugar trader. After the birth of her two children she trained as a secondary school maths teacher and has taught in four local secondary schools during the past 20 years. For seven years she was Head of Middle School (Years 9 – 11) at Oakham School. She is now self-employed and teaches maths on-line to pupils around the world, as well as leading vacation revision courses in Cambridge. Margaret is also a governor at a local secondary school. She enjoys playing tennis, cycling, travel and theatre.

Jay Swanston

Advisor responsible for School Policies.