Animal Magic and Hibernation

We have been busily learning about hibernating creatures. We all listened to a story about a little hedgehog who shared his home with some other animals who needed to hibernate. We have talked at length about why creatures have to hibernate and the rituals that they have to go through in order to survive the winter months. We have made hedgehog homes and decorated collage pictures with prickle shaped leaves. We are still having fun learning about bats, their habitats and requirements for survival.

We have been mathematical measuring wizards in maths as we have been using non-standard measures such as blocks and paperclips to measure pictures of hibernating animals.

Our letter sounds this week have included h, sh, r, and j. The children did well with their first digraph ‘sh’ and really enjoyed shell printing with playdough and creating shiny shoes! The letter ‘r’ lent itself well to an array of beautiful rainbows and lots of singing too! The letter ‘h’ became a little messy with painting and printing with our hands!