Year 2

Awesome Adventures

We have come to the end of another fab week and we are making sure we are all keeping busy.

In Forest School, one of the options was to go to Dead Man’s Island exploring which the children loved! The other children who didn’t get to do it last week, made elder beads. Some of them also used clay and natural materials to make something that reminds them of the seaside.

In maths we have been looking at time and how we can use counting in 5’s to help us with our minute hand. In Mrs Underwood’s class we went out onto the playground and drew our own clocks and used our rulers and pencils to be the clock hands.

Some amazing singing of ‘Reach for the Stars’ has been happening and we are so impressed with how many children have been practicing at home. You can hear us all from the end of the corridor when we are belting it out! The link is here if you would like to practice over the weekend.

In PE, the children have been getting some speedy practice in for sports day. The Year 2’s are proving to be rather competitive and I think we might have to tie some of their hands behind their backs for the egg and spoon race!

Please bring your CCS books in so we can have a look with your child and see what other challenges they can complete in school. We may also be able to offer some ideas for projects you are struggling with. If you haven’t got a booklet, please let us know asap as we can then get this sorted for you.

Every child will need a sun hat in school in order to keep their head protected from the sun. Please also remember to put sun cream on in the morning. Blazers should be worn when coming to and from school and always bring your pe kit as plans may change when the weather is so nice!

You will have all received an email about Hamerton Zoo. We are extremely excited to be able to go on a school trip. We are still waiting on a few people to say they are happy for their child to come. If you could email to give consent for your child to come as soon as possible we would be very grateful.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend. Lets hope the rain holds off!