Billy Goats and Christmas Surprises!

This has been a pretty exciting week as we have been preparing a Christmas surprise for you all. The songs you may have been hearing about angels and the baby Jesus might have given the game away but your Christmas treat has been taking shape!  You will not have much longer to wait!

We have been studying Christianity and looking at the story behind Christmas. We have talked at length about the Christian festival and how it is celebrated each year by eating delicious food and wearing beautiful clothes, together with the reasons behind giving presents. We are making you some more surprise Christmas artwork to add to your collection.

On top of our busy Christmas schedule we have been using the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ as a stimulus for our mathematics lessons. We have been acting out the story with puppets and using mathematical positional language to describe positions of the characters. We have been creating story maps to retell the story and ordering numbers using the troll’s bridge. The children have been learning about simple addition problems using visual props such as pictures of goats and their fields. We have also been recording simple addition sums.

PE has been a great success this week as the children have been throwing and catching. They have been practising underarm throwing in pairs – well done Reception!