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Cambourwick Calling!

Year 3 arrived to school dressed as evacuees on Wednesday. They parted with their parents and boarded the train to Cambourwick where they met a rather stern Mr Ward who took them back to the 1940s where children were clearly ‘seen and not heard’ unless invited to do so! During the course of the morning, the were very busy children experiencing life in a very industrious classroom. Here are some of the activities covered:

reciting the Lord’s prayer

learning about what to do if the siren should sound

how to take care of the gas mask

learn the map of their new village

get to grips with using ‘old’ money

experience writing with a dip ink pen.

In the afternoon their learning of old money came into fruition as they were set with the task of visiting and running a wide variety of pop up 1940s shops! These included the bakers, butchers, opticians, fishmongers, dairy, grocers and household items. The shopkeepers had to ensure that they gave the correct change whilst the shoppers had to check that they had received the correct change. Some shoppers soon ran out of money yet it was apparent that the shopkeepers had had a very successful day! All this was finished off with a well earned cup of tea, a Spam sandwich and a victory bun at the village’s cafe.

Cambourwick Calling!, Copthill School

Magnificent Manifestos were the dish of the day this week! There have been a lot of super ideas shared throughout the year group and milkshakes and Pet days seemed to be most popular! Good luck to all our candidates!

Newsflash!!!! We have received from Head Office that our School Councillors are Finn for 3T and Sophie for 3D. Congratulations!

In maths the children have been the teachers letting us know all about partitioning of 3 and 4 digit numbers using the part whole model technique.

That’s it for another week! Looking forward to more wonderful days in Year 3 next week. Have a great weekend! Hold onto your hats!