Year 3

Clever creations

Homophones have been one for us to master this week – to, too and two. We hope you know the difference as we have now got the hang of it! It took some of us more than two attempts to get to grips with it, whereas others didn’t find it too tricky at all! Some wonderfully descriptive sentences have been created using onomatopoeia which we have proudly displayed on our boards as well as some rather quirky onomatopoeic pictures.

Our sunflower pictures are proudly on display. We love the way that they are all so different and really feel that they brighten up our walls.

One of our comprehension tasks this week has really made us think about the importance of flowers that provide nectar and pollen for bees. Did you know that bees have played their part either pollinating many of the fruits and vegetables on your dinner plate or the food for the animals that you may consume? Did you also know that as pretty as pansies are, they are of little use to bees? However, wild roses, lavender and geraniums are like super foods for them! We have been ‘proper’ scientists today! We harvested a number of dead bees, wasps, a moth along with wax cells from our bee hive, some of which contained drone bee larvae. We took a closer look at them under the microscope. This really helped us clarify what we had identified when we labelled a diagram of a bee, noting all it’s main body parts. You can see examples of this work on our bee display:

Here we are looking through the microscopes – we could see the legs and eyes on the larvae, the wax cells, the hairy bumblebees, the delicate detail on the wings on the moth and the different parts of the honey bee. It was truly fascinating!

Another importance source for bees is blossom. Year 3 sped off to Tokyo to look at all the wonderful images of their exotic cherry blossom trees which are currently on display there. This inspired us to produce these beautiful pictures using charcoal and tissue paper on a watercolour wash. Simply stunning!

Athletics club took a HUGE step forward this week as we learnt the high jump technique. We had to find which leg to set off from and how to land properly before we even attempted any height! As you can see the children did brilliantly and we must congratulate Ben and Monty for clearing 1 metre.