Year 3

Counting down…

What a fantastic week in Year 3. We have been shaping up on finding the properties of 2D and 3D shapes in math’s I wonder how many the children can recognise in the outside world?!This week we have been lucky enough to be shown some fantastic¬†Anderson shelter work and even some home¬†projects from children in 3D which will go towards their Copthill Challenge. What a great effort!

During our Art lesson, Christmas came a little early as we started our Christmas cards. We have continued with our work on playscripts both in English and in our practising of our lines ready for our Year 3 Christmas production. Mrs Teesdale and Mrs Donaldson have sourced some wonderful costumes ready for the big event – not sure who will prefer wearing the costumes more the teachers or the children!

 Year 3 have had a wonderful Children in Need Day – joining in with the final hour of Joe Wicks’ amazing 24 hours of PE session, also our very own Year 5 fitness video and completing the Children in Need word search for class prizes.

 The children also joined in the last 20 minutes of Joe Wicks’s  amazing 24 hour PE session and we were all amazed by his stamina and enthusiasm right until the very end in his own words ‘He smashed it!’