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Cut-Throat Celts

Year 3 have spent a day in the woods dressed as Celts this week. It was an action-packed day whereby the children completed a number of activities to immerse them into the lives of Celts. They whittled spears, designed and painted their tribal flags, baked flat breads, learnt how to thatch their roundhouse roofs, they ground corn using a stone grinder, made Celtic necklaces and clay pinch pots. We ate chicken stew with bread and had porrige and fruit. The day was finished off with battles on the field and Mr Teesdale launching eggs at the pesky Celts using a trebuchet! Fortunately the children were fearless and used their swords and shields to defend themselves! It was a fantastic yet chilly day! We all had great fun. It is safe to say that a day in the life of a Celt is pretty exhausting!


Have a wonderful Easter holiday. We look forward to learning about all the wonders and importance of Bees in the Summer Term. The school hives are thriving and buzzing with activity. We are hoping for a wonderful harvest of honey this year!