Year 2


We have had a lot of dinosaur orientated fun across Year 2 this week. The children have really enjoyed delving into the history of dinosaurs during their creative curriculum lessons, researching the time periods in which particular dinosaurs came from. They were able to sort specific dinosaurs to the Jurassic period, Triassic period and the Cretaceous period. We are going to be applying all this information to help us create a large timeline in the classroom – watch this space! In English we have been learning how to use index pages and a thesaurus so have been getting to grips with understanding alphabetical order and in art we got seriously creative creating dinosaur eyes! We made it look like a dinosaur was peering at us through trees which was a lot of fun and a little bit eerie…it feels like we are being watched!!

In games this week the children have been practising their catching and throwing skills. Mrs Underwood and Mrs Alcoran would really like everyone to continue with their practising at home, instead of using a tennis ball you could make a ball out of rolled up socks – a much safer option and still very practical!

We have been having an absolute blast with boomwhackers recently, Miss Gardner is thinking we should set up our very own Year 2 boomwhacker band!! In creative club some of the boys and girls made some poppies ready to wear for Remembrance day.