Term Dates

Emergency Services

The Nursery and Pre School children are learning about people who help us. At the moment we are learning all about the emergency services through a variety of activities and stories. Later this week we are hoping to welcome a special visitor to the setting to talk to the children.

The role play areas have been providing lots of imaginative play opportunities as the children have been busying dressing up as doctors, vets and fire fighters.

After looking at some images of emergency vehicles and talking about what they do the children were invited to join in with a painting activity using three numbered cars. The children were encouraged to roll the three cars in three different coloured paints and roll them over the numbers 1,2 and 3 which had been printed on a piece of paper. An adult talked to the children about the different numbers and asked about what would happen as the colours mixed. Some children took great care to trace their car carefully over the number, trying to form a number. Other children enjoyed adding lots of paint and seeing the colours mix whilst some children wanted to match the colour of the paint to the colour of the number. It was very interesting to watch each child’s individual approach and style!

After looking at some images of emergency vehicles and their features the Nursery and Pre School children used shapes to make fire engines. An adult modelled positional language and encouraged each child to explain where they were placing their wheels, window and ladder using words such as on top, at the front and in the middle.