Year 2

Energetic Explorers!

The sun is shining and we are all glad to be back after our Easter break.

This week we have been looking at different units of measurement and deciding what different piece of equipment we would use to measure certain objects.

Year 2 have been doing some role play to practice their persuasive language, we also looked at some leaflets and how they use persuasive words and pictures! We apologize if all of your children now want to go to Go Ape!

In Forest School we learnt how to use a compass and made our way round the school grounds using our Copthill map. This then helped when we made it up to the woods and made our own compasses using natural materials.

Spellings have been put on ready for the 26th April. Even though the sunshine is out, it still isn’t that warm so we would appreciate it if you still sent fleeces and some sort of long bottoms so legs can be covered. Long bottoms are a must for Wednesday as we have Forest School. I don’t want to jinx it but swapping caps for woolly hats may be good but always be prepared to swap back to winter conditions!

Also, your children won’t need their recorders on Mondays now.

Thank you for a lovely week Year 2! Have a great weekend.