Year 3

Evacuees over and out!

Sadly our Operation Pied Piper topic has come to an end. What a wonderful time we have had learning all about life and events during World War 11. Here are items that the children selected as suitable or unsuitable to pack when preparing to be evacuated.

The children also spent time researching in small groups to create wonderful posters show-casing all of our learning.

To mark the end of the topic, the children wore their evacuee clothes and used recipes from the 1940’s to make delicious Rock Buns and Orange Drop Biscuits. They had a wonderful time making the delicious treats which were then parcelled up ready for home-time. Apparently they are delicious!


The day was finished off with lots of hilarity and amusement as the teachers went down memory lane sharing classic childhood games from years gone by but they did remind the children that they weren’t alive in  World War II! These included pin the tail on the donkey, pick up sticks, playing with model armies, marbles, snakes and ladders, mix up head, body and tails, pelmanism game and tiddlywinks! The afternnon ended with a game of ‘Squeak, piggy, Squeak’! 

What a fabulous way to end a super first half term. We hope you all have a great half term holiday and most of all stay safe.