Year 3

Fizz Bang Whizz Whirrrrrr!

Well Year 3 certainly have returned to school with a bang! We have made some wonderful firework artwork by folding, curling, twisting coloured paper. Take a look at them!

In Forest school this week – 3T have also made some wonderful fireworks using whittling skills and wrapping materials to make their very own firework and sparkler models:

Here is the Remembrance Display that was created using our Blitz art and poppies.

Play rehearsals have just started and so far the songs are sounding wonderful and characters have worked so hard to be word=perfect! Parents – you are in for a treat, but please encourage your child to master their lines!

Happy Bonfire Night – stay safe everybody!

Hot off the press….. the Housekeeping Club created some food inspired rockets this evening to end the firework theme with a tasty snack!