Year 3

Fractious Fractions Cut Throat Celts!

The weeks are speeding by and we can’t believe we only have one week left until Easter! The children have firmly settle back into the routine and we are filling their days as soon as they enter the classroom. The clubs are still an important part of the day and we are certainly setting up homeowners of the future with no bake cookery skills and shoe polishing!

Fractions are continuing throughout maths and a visual aid that’s helpful to learning all about fractions a is a fraction wall. 

In RE the children have been learning about the lead up to Easter in the Christian faith and they have created their own Last Supper guest list, IF another lockdown came – hopefully not the case and we’re sorry to say not many brothers or sisters were allowed as they would be in lockdown with them so they didn’t want them at their meal! Over the next week we will be finishing our Easter wreaths ready for the holiday. 

Drama has played a part this week as the children have been creating a ‘heated’ discussion between Boudicca and the Roman Governor Suetonius –  we know the Romans defeated Boudicca back in the battle of Watling Street in AD60 but we’re not so sure she would have been captured in 2021!

Looking forward to Celt day next Wednesday when we will bring those Cut throat Celts to life!