Year 3


Gosh here we are again, only this time we are in the sunshine! So lovely to be back again after a very hot week! This week we have said goodbye to the bee topic – however at the apiary, we will be welcoming another new hive of Copthill bees this weekend to the join the other THREE hives that we already have. We are very much looking forward to lots of delicious Copthill honey this summer! We have buckled up and taken our first trip to our new topic of India where we looked at the climate and all the different terrains within the fascinating country. As we learnt that India’s national bird is the Peacock, we took advantage of developing our observational skills to draw one. They are still to be completed with a wash of colour but here are the artists in action…

We have been looking at features of leaflets – focussing on the thrills and fears at Alton Towers! We found we proved and we highlighted all the features that would make it a successful leaflet for potential visitors.

We were treated to a unbelievasaurus time when the Planetarium came to school on Thursday! We were privy to an amazasaurus Dinosaur Show from within the inflated dome – from the largest land dinosaur, the Argentinosaurus to the Quetzalcoatlus which was the largest flying dinosaur. It was totally fascinating and the dinosaur experts amongst us were certainly in their element!

The Athletics Club have been limbering up and striding for Long Jump which was hot work, but as you can see the results were pretty impressive!

Time is still of the essence…and we have launched ourselves into digital time….it’s a tricky one but we’re getting there!

New half term, new Athletics group and these children were lucky enough to actually experience the warmth in their after school club rather than the Baltic conditions from last term!