Term Dates

It’s a jungle out there!

Another week has flown by, we can’t quite believe it in Year 2! This the Year 2 corridors have been transformed into a rainforest, with special sound effects, art work and low hanging canopies. The children love seeing their artwork on display and it links perfectly to our topic of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

In English, we have looked back over adjectives. The children love using them in their writing or in their verbal description of things so this week we decided to challenge them further. Some adjectives are really boooooring, we could definitely improve them with more exciting adjectives, so that is what we have been looking at this week. We were using a thesaurus to improve boring adjectives ahead of our lessons next week, Everyone did a brilliant job and had a lot of fun learning new words.

We have moved on to position and direction in maths this week and have had a lot of fun following instructions of where to stand e.g. ‘stand on top of your chair’ (this was obviously a lot of fun, the children were very sensible in doing this!) or ‘stand behind the door’ and they also were learning the vocab needed to give accurate directions such as ‘turn left at the bark’ or ‘move forward 3 steps’.

In art we have been doing a very top secret project ahead of Jubilee arts week. We can’t show you what it is that we have been working on but we can tell you how impressed the teachers are at the children’s work. They worked so so hard and have created such detailed artwork. We can’t wait for you to see it – and even buy the framed finished piece! (More information coming out about this very soon).

As the weather gets warmer and the days get sunnier please can we ask that the children come into school wearing sun cream and that they have water bottles and sun hats on them. Many thanks 🙂