Year 4

Jumping book worms

In Science we have been continuting to learn about the human body. We undertook an investigation to find out about whether having the longest leg enabled us to jump further.

World Book Day – in Year 4 we regularly ERIC (enjoy reading in class) and World Book Day was no exception as we could read our new books that we bought at the CPSC book sale.  

We were fascinated by the talk given by our visiting author Judy Brulo. We learnt so much about the importance of vultures for our environment as well as finding out about all the wonderful books that Mrs Brulo has written.

Our visiting author set us a challenge – she asked us to recreate her Vulture Island using various crafting materials.

Challenge accepted! We made mountains, whales, boats and vultures! 

Next we need to assemble and paint it!
Have a super weekend! Let’s hope the blue skies continue!