Year 3

One great turn deserves another!

Phew! Well I think we have all caught up on our sleep after our sleepover! This week we have been looking at angles and turns in maths. We made some right angle finders and could not believe just how many they found inside and outside of the classroom.

Cube chase game using 3D shapes they made different 3D shapes and if they got 3 of the different shapes they won! Here are the photos!

We have been really enjoying researching amazing facts about our Indian animal for our leaflets. Photographs have been sourced (with captions written underneath) and information is being organised under the all important sub-headings.

The children have been sharing some amazing presentations for their Copthill Challenge Scheme and one we were lucky enough to be a part of what on Brownies – the tasty treat ones! Here are Moss and Cecil in action – and as you can see the brownies were very well received! We had to guess all of the ingredients. The children almost managed it!

Music Extravaganza – We had the most amazing time listening to our wonderfully talented musicians within our year group. The array of instruments was incredible – we think we could have our very own orchestra!