Year 3

Only days to gooooo…. :(

What a fabulous day we had on Tuesday showing off our sporting prowess. It was such a great event and we loved welcoming our parents back into school. Congratulations to Casewick on the day but an overall congratulations to Lindsey who won the whole school event. A huge thanks to Mr Rumbelow-Lall who was able to catch the spirit of the day, please follow the link to his rather lovely photos.

The sun finally shone yesterday and after a hard day concentrating we decided to give the children some ‘Golden Time’ and opened the dam for them. It was such a lovely afternoon watching the children become mini engineers building dams and putting drainpipes together to create a water source.

The Dam Band!

Angles are the name of the game this week and the children enjoyed investigating right angles and those that are obtuse and acute.