Year 2

Owl’s and Observations!

The Reptiles have been to visit Copthill this week and what an amazing time we had! We made sure the Reptiles wore their masks at all times but they weren’t so good at the social distancing!

In games we tried some tag rugby and some unihoc. We played some matches which helped with their hand to eye coordination and grip on the bat.

Math’s was very interesting and we have been carrying on with our work about the sense of direction. We looked at anti clockwise, clockwise, full-turn, quarter-turn’s and half-turn’s.

In Forest School we carried out some field work (whilst dodging the rain) and looked at some human geographical features around school. We made some observations of our playground equipment and looked at how we could make our playground better. The children then designed a new improved playground and made it using natural materials. We then made life size pieces of equipment and tested them out.

In English we have been looking at the different uses of commas and how we write lists. The children managed to identify where commas should be in lists. We are all becoming punctuation superstars!

In Art the children have been painting Lowry portraits. We had to use the different color paints and mix them to make sure we weren’t using bright colours. We have some amazing artists in Year 2 but we always have to make sure we wear our aprons as it can be quite messy!

Please make sure we have children’s waterproofs in school as from Miss Needham’s experience on Thursday afternoon the weather can change rather quickly!!

Blazers need to be worn to and from school, so please make sure your child has got them as this is part of the school uniform. We like to make sure we are looking smart when coming in and out of school. This is compulsory even if the weather is lovely and sunny!

Pencil cases will be sent home for you to check again and make sure your child has got plenty of stationery. Glue sticks are one of the main pieces of equipment that seem to be running low.

  • HB Pencil x2
  • Eraser
  • Set of coloured pencils
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Set of Felt Pens
  • Glue Stick
  • 30cm Ruler

Homework- This half term our topic is Neighborhood Watch. The children have been looking at the local area and have been practicing their persuasive writing. The challenge this half term is to produce a leaflet advertising a tourist attraction from the local area. Please send the leaflets into school by the 24th May.