Parental Communication

Communication & Administration Information

We pride ourselves on efficient communication and administration between school and parents, which is vital for the welfare of the whole school community.  In order to ensure that this is effective, please read this important information.


If your child is absent from school due to illness, please follow the procedure below.

You must telephone the school and choose the absence line option (01780 757506 Ext 4)  by 9.30am each day your child is absent and leave a message.  Checks are made on all absences at 9.30am every day.  If we have not heard from you by this time, we will text you to find out why your child is not in school.

We are legally required to record all reasons for absence in the school register.  All absences without such explanation are recorded as unauthorised.  An absence can only be authorised by direct explanation from the adult responsible for that child. This may be provided:

  • By email/letter to the form teacher
  • Face to face explanation to the form teacher
  • Explanation on the absence message line

A message cannot be accepted from other parents or the child themselves.

Authorised absences

If you need permission in advance for any planned absence from school, this can only be authorised by the Head, Mrs Helen Schofield.  Please send your absence request to  We will respond by email to each request.

Communication system – SchoolsBuddy

Copthill uses a system called SchoolsBuddy to communicate with parents.  This service is to provide you with up-to-date and important school information.  The majority of communications are sent home this way.  We will also use this system to enable you to reply to permission requests for various school events.  Please let us know if you change your current email address and mobile telephone number immediately so we can update our system.

Speaking with Form Teachers

Our usual welcome and open door into school is, of course, not currently possible.  Please pass brief messages to staff at drop off; however, please be aware that more extensive conversations will not be feasible as they will need to supervise the children entering their class.

Parents should already have received an email from their child’s form teacher. You are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher directly via email with any immediate questions or to provide information.  Form teachers will always respond to emails but this may take up to 24 hours due to their daily teaching commitments.  If you have an urgent email which needs immediate attention that day, please email or contact the Main School Office: 01780 757506

If you require a more extensive conversation, please contact form teachers to make a mutually convenient time. This may be by telephone, zoom or socially distanced in school.

Daily Notices

A specific year group notice board will be situated at each entrance/exit with any immediate notices or general information normally available in school.

Weekly Bulletin

We send out a weekly information bulletins via SchoolsBuddy.  We try and put as much information for each year group on the bulletin as possible; however, this will not eradicate the need for further emails during the week so we urge you to check regularly.

Year Group Blogs

The blogs are an informal way of parents receiving news and pictures directly from your child’ year group.  The blogs are updated regularly by staff and can be accessed via the website or on the weekly bulletins.   We are imminently about to launch a new website and blog platform so please bear with us as the transition takes place over the coming weeks.


As mentioned above we are about to go live with an exciting new school website.  Sadly this has been delayed due to the situation, but we are hoping to go live over the coming weeks. The school website is also regularly updated and holds much of the day to day information that you may need, including: school routines, curriculum details, school calendar, timetables, blogs and social media news feeds. The designated area for this information is under Parental Communication

Social Media

Copthill has very active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages so if you are a social media follower, please do ‘follow’ us and keep up to date with the quirkier side of school life.

Contact Email Addresses 

Some of the email addresses you may require are detailed below.   These are listed beside a member of staff’s specific area of responsibility.  All other email addresses are listed under form teacher contacts at the end of this letter. 


General Enquires/

Early Years Administration / Extended Care – Mrs Paula Rayner-

Bursar – Mr Simon Teesdale –

Finance Administrator – Mrs Carly Smith – 

Medical/Dietary – Mrs Carol Finlan –

Uniform – Mrs Carly Smith –

Clubs – Mr Tom Smith –

Admissions/Marketing – Mrs Elli Westwood –

Parents’ Committee CPSC – Mrs Vicky Fisher (Chair) – 


Academic Staff

Headteacher – Mrs Helen Schofield

Lower School Leader (R-Y3) – Pastoral – Mrs Anne Teesdale –

Lower School Leader (R-Y3) – Academic – Mrs Judy Dimbleby –

Nursery/Pre-School Leader – Mrs Tamsin Fleming –

Sports – Head of Sport – Mrs Gemma Alcoran –

Music – Head of Music – Mrs Sarah McAlindon –


Form Teachers

Reception Teachers

Mrs Judy Dimbleby –

Mrs Sarah Holder –

Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Emily Fletcher –

Miss Charlotte Hamer –

Year 2 Teachers

Mrs Lisa Underwood –

Mrs Rachel York-Forward –

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Anna Donaldson –

Mrs Anne Teesdale –

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Sarah Hawkins –

Mrs Suzanne Over –

Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Leah Crofts –

Mr Simeone Willson –

Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Imogen Hesford –

Mrs Rachel Stanbury –


We rotate our menus on a 3 weekly cycle and the menus are changed termly.  Please follow the link to view:

Winter Week 1

Winter Week 2

Winter Week 3