Music and Drama

We offer music lessons in a variety of different musical instruments, taught by qualified and experienced music teachers. These lessons take place during the school day on a rotation system, and every effort is made to keep disruption to your child’s curriculum to a minimum. The school has some instruments available to hire. The Stamford Music Shop has many instruments for hire or sale. There are many opportunities for pupils to perform at school, including assemblies, informal concerts and an annual Music Competition. Associated Board Examinations are optional, when the teacher feels it is appropriate.


The cost of all music lessons is £189.00 (September 2019) for a 30-minute lesson based on 30 lessons over the year.  The age at which your child can start certain instruments is entirely dependent on your child’s size. Our music staff will advise you accordingly.

We cannot always guarantee immediate places for all pupils and specific teachers. You will be informed of availability; otherwise your child’s name will be entered onto a waiting list. If your name is already on the waiting list for any music/drama lessons, you will obviously be allocated the first available slots.


We offer a trial lesson period for those wishing to try out a musical instrument. If after starting the lessons your child does not wish to continue by the end of the half term in which they started, then the full terms’ lesson fee will be credited on your next invoice. You must write to the office before the half term starts, with your intentions.


Please note at all other times it is necessary to give a half-term notice to discontinue lessons.

This notice should be sent, in writing to


There are two informal concerts each term and both of them are open to pupils from the Lower and Upper School to perform in.

Speech and Drama

The aim of speech and drama at Copthill is to promote communication skills, develop self’ confidence, encourage clear and articulate speech and to help to experience the creative process.

Speech and drama lessons include a variety of drama skills including mime, verse and prose speaking, improvisation and acting. Lessons are not timetabled on the school timetable and therefore require many pupils to leave lessons. Speech and drama lessons are available from Year 3 upwards and are usually shared with another pupil from the same year group.

The Speech and drama timetable is carefully arranged to ensure that any lesson time missed will not be detrimental to that particular pupil. Each year, there are opportunities for pupils to perform publicly and to take examinations with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

The Peterborough Drama Festival occurs during March. This event gives pupils the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and to watch the work of other drama students in the area. Parents and friends are welcome to attend and to be part of the audience. Entry into the Peterborough Drama Festival is completely voluntary and older pupils may choose freely which classes they wish to enter. The LAMDA examinations take place in June at Copthill, with a visiting examiner, due to a large number of entries. Once again, this is entirely voluntary. Pupils are entered on the basis of age and ability. The examinations are on a one to one basis only, with no audience. The examiner writes a report and the exam results follow at a later date. Alternatively, some pupils may opt to take speech and drama but not to appear in Drama Festivals or take LAMDA examinations.



Please note it is necessary to give half a term’s notice to discontinue drama lessons. This notice should be sent, in writing, to Mrs Flynn. It is preferable that parents should also discuss the decision in advance.


The cost of the lessons is £119.00 per term (September 2019) and is reviewed each September. The pupils in Year 4 to 6 will have 30-shared lessons per year, each lasting 30 minutes. The pupils in Year 3 will have 30-shared lessons per year, each lasting 20 minutes. Any pupil receiving individual lessons will only receive 20-minute lessons each week.

Individual music and speech and drama lessons in school

As far as individual music and speech and drama lessons given at school are concerned, there are 30 given throughout the school year. This will not necessarily mean 10 each term, but depends on the number of weeks available each term. Any extra lessons that you may arrange out of school with individual teachers must be paid directly to that teacher and cannot be counted as part of that total.

Each pupil is expected to practise between lessons for five days for 15 minutes minimum as a beginner, increasing with progress. Without this necessary practice, progress will not be made and frustration starts to creep in. Your child will be issued with a music notebook at their first lesson of the year and this must be brought to lessons each week (having been signed by a parent), together with music being played and appropriate instrument(s). If your child forgets their book on three occasions during the term they will receive a sanction. We want you to receive good value for your child’s lessons.

Lessons are rotated as much as possible depending on the length of time a teacher is in school. This will include lesson and break times. Lessons can only be fixed for pupils on the SEN register or for specific academic need in Year 5 and 6 to ensure fairness for all pupils. Speech & drama lessons are usually shared with another pupil from the same year group.