Sport plays an important role at Copthill, with a strong focus in the timetable as well as numerous extra-curricular sports clubs.

Copthill recognises how important children and young people’s physical health and emotional well-being are, and the relationship between these and academic achievement. That is why sport is an integral part of the curriculum at Copthill; in the timetable as well as numerous extracurricular sports clubs.

Sport can offer children a boost, a medium in which to shine and show their talent whilst lifting their self-esteem. Instilling in them the idea that if they try hard, they can achieve. This should have a knock on effect which often boosts their other work.

All pupils take part in regular sport throughout the week as part of their educational programme. All year groups have a total of 2-3 hours of timetabled Swimming, PE and Games sessions each week with specialist teachers. There are also daily voluntary sports clubs after school. Pupils have coaching from qualified teachers or specialist instructors and make use of excellent facilities including an all-weather astro-turf pitch, rugby/football pitches, cricket nets, netball courts, tennis courts, a large hall/gymnasium as well as extensive grounds to pursue athletics, cross-country and orienteering activities.

All pupils are encouraged to participate in competitive sport and represent the school in the huge variety of fixtures which take place each week from U9 – U11 level. There are many fixtures and tournaments each term and we pride ourselves on ensuring that everyone gets opportunities to participate.

Formal curriculum boys and girls

Swimming, gymnastics, modern dance, athletics, tennis and orienteering

Formal curriculum boys only

Rugby, hockey, cricket

Formal curriculum girls only

Hockey, netball, rounders

Extracurricular boys and girls

Football, cross country, mixed hockey, rifle shooting, yoga, karate, sailing, golf, table tennis, basketball, siege, rock climbing and archery.