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Music, Drama and Dance, Copthill School


The Music Department aims to stimulate all children, from beginners to those more experienced, and musicians seeking future scholarships. A large proportion of children receive individual tuition on a range of instruments and perform at concerts, competitions, assemblies and services.

There are opportunities to perform at informal concerts, competitions, assemblies, church carol services and an annual music department revue.

Talented musicians can develop their interests to higher levels, with theory lessons and extension groups. Music scholarships are awarded for pupils with musical potential.


Drama is taught in many different forms throughout the school. Learning activities are designed to encourage children to build self-confidence, develop creativity and communication skills and to learn to work effectively as part of a team.

More than 50 pupils study speech and drama as an additional subject, achieving excellent results in the annual Peterborough Drama Festival. Weekly sessions are designed to encourage pupils to build on their self-confidence, enjoy exploring their

Music, Drama and Dance, Copthill School
Music, Drama and Dance, Copthill School


Copthill offers ballet, tap and modern and a dance club, all within our specially-designed dance studio.

We work with The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, which offers an internationally recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments designed to encourage, motivate and reward pupils of all ages and abilities.