A Copthill Learner

Copthill is a thriving, busy, happy place to learn. There’s an infectious sense of awe and wonder that radiates from our young learners as every day, inspired and nurtured by a team of dedicated staff, they grow as Copthill Learners. Our commitment to pursuing academic achievement and emphasising the importance of striving to be the very best we can be in all areas of life, is embodied in the definition of the Copthill Learner,

A responsible citizen, an independent explorer, a team player, a problem solver, a creative thinker and a reflective learner.

We focus on helping our pupils to develop and apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the Copthill Learner across the broad Copthill curriculum, inside and outside the classroom, and beyond. A Copthill Learner is prepared for life.

We believe that education is so much more than tests and expected standards. At Copthill, we’re committed to putting the child at the heart of their education. We challenge and support them to be confident in recognising their own, and each other’s strengths and talents, and instil in them the curiosity, excitement and drive to seize every opportunity to pursue their dreams.

It’s a real privilege to share our pupils’ learning journeys with them. They teach me something new every day too!

Helen Schofield