Year 3

Sorry for the delay…

So sorry for not having posted on the blog for a while…time seems to fly by and there are definitely not enough hours in the day!
Way back on Valentine’s day Mrs Teesdale’s maths group brought their culinary skills into the classroom and made Valentine biscuits. They used their knowledge of grams and kilograms to weigh out the ingredients and in the afternoon everyone decorated them with copious amounts of sweets and love hearts!

As part of our Celtic topic, the children have created their own Celtic Tree of Lifewhich is a well-known symbol often seen on tapestries, and on other types of decorations. For the Ancient Celts, the Tree of Life was a symbol of balance and harmony. Trees in general were an integral part of the Celts culture and beliefs, with the Celtic Tree of Life holding great importance. Let’s hope harmony continues to flow in Year 3!