Year 3

Summertime Feeling…

Hello! It is good to be back! We have had a super start to our Summer term. We have introduced a Recognition Board within our classrooms where those children who have done something fabulous either in their work or behaviour are being noted and praised. The children have loved seeing their names up there! During maths this week, we have been delving a little deeper into fractions using addition and finding parts of an amount.

English has been a hoot this week, looking at onomatopoeias – now the real test is how to spell it!

Our new topic for the term has got us all buzzing with excitement – The Bees Knees – entering into the wonderful world of bees. We have been sharing known facts and adding to new facts to our understanding.

During Art, we have been looking very closely at sunflowers from a bee’s view with inspiration from the Red Poppy piece produced by Georgia O’Keeffe. We have created some wonderful masterpieces with a particular attention to the detail of the shading of the petals and the disk florets. We are also creating some 3D bees as you can see from the picture….watch this space!

In Outdoor Learning, we have been identifying plants and trees within the school grounds. We noted what was required to make these grow and listed them on the forest floor.