Year 2

Swooping Swallows!

Welcome to the blog for the 5th week back. We have been busy, busy, busy! There has been so much fun and lots of smiles even if we have layered and de-layered 100 times!

In Forest School we were learning about swallow migration. We made our own swallows with clay and foraged materials. They then migrated and looked at what obstacles the swallows have on their way.

In Art we finished the LS Lowry paintings and added our people to them, they look fabulous and have made some amazing displays in our classrooms.

We have some amazing gardeners in 2U. We have managed to get our hands on some plants and vegetables to grow.

Thank you all for a brilliant week. A week to go till half term and we can all have a well deserved break! Lets hope the weather cheers up as we’ve heard some children are going camping in the half term!

Please make sure your child is prepared for all weathers. Have a lovely weekend.