Year 2

The end is far too close…

I can’t believe I am writing the last blog of the year, and what a strange year it’s been! We have had some amazing times home learning and some amazing times in school. We have been so lucky at Copthill to have the facilities to allow the children have had some kind of normality.

I always say we have busy weeks but this week has taken that to another level! We started the week off with sports day and it was so lovely to see all the parents back in school. The week continued and we then had an amazing trip to Hamerton Zoo which we had super weather for.

We had a brilliant session on Wednesday afternoon in the forest. We made spud guns and natural beach art. This was lovely for the children to be able to go into the forest and have some downtime after a busy few days. The seaside natural art was amazing.

So as we come to the end with four days left, I just want to wish you all the best summer. Stay safe and enjoy!

There won’t be any spellings this week so please don’t worry if you can’t see any.

Please bring a strong carrier bag into school next week for the books to be sent home.

Have a lovely weekend.