The Snail and the Whale!

We have returned full of enthusiasm for the new term ahead and the weather has been kind to us!

Our theme this term is “Creature Features!” We will be looking at many different creatures in our local environment and comparing them to the animals that we have already discovered around the world.

We have been reading a story by Julia Donaldson called, “The Snail and the Whale.” It is all about a little snail that climbs on the tail of a whale and goes on a fantastic adventure around the world!

We have been hunting for snails and discussing the different body parts and how they are adapted to the habitat in which they live. We have also talked about our own pets and what we need to do to be responsible pet owners!

In literacy we have been writing all about the feelings of the snail in the book at the beginning of it’s adventures and on it’s travels around the world. We have also discussed where we would like to visit too!

In maths we have been measuring snail trails with rulers and holding snail races!

We have made environmental spirals outside and collage snails. We have also talked about predators and which animals a snail needs keep away from. We have made our own camouflage snails and had lots of discussions about slime!