Year 2

The Spirit of Christmas

The theme of Christmas has taken over in Year 2. We have introduced our new topic of the Spirit of Christmas, which is where we are going to be looking at how Christmas is celebrated around the world – we are looking in particular at the festive traditions of Russia, Australia and the UK and making a comparison between them. Last week we were looking at Russia and we learnt about the food that they eat, any celebrations they might take part in and also read the story of Babushka. In art we made Babushka Russian dolls, which the children thoroughly enjoyed creating. This week was all about Christmas in Australia – what a contrast to Russia – we talked about what Santa Claus would need to wear in Russia where is it super cold and then in Australia where it is super warm! For art this week, we painted snowflakes in the Aboriginal style of dot painting.

Alongside all of our lessons, we have been practising our songs for our Christingle performance as well as our lines for our reading. We have sent the words for both songs – ‘Sing Christingle’ and ‘Under Bethlehem Star So Bright’ – home and would be grateful if you could encourage your child to practise these, they will also have their lines. They do not need to learn them off by heart, but they do need to be able to read them in a loud, clear voice.