U9 Girls Cricket House Matches

I am so proud of how the girls Cricket skills have developed over the term. I am excited to see the current Year 4s join the Year 5s next year for regular fixtures as they will be a wonderful addition and the Year 3s are ready to embark on their fixture journey come September.

The matches were competitve and scores were close. In the final Milton gained more points from their batting than Casewick, but Casewick stole the win by getting 5 outs! Final score was Casewick winning 94-84.

In the 3rd 4th play off was a great game. Special mention must go to Isla who hit five 6’s in her batting innings! The final score was Burghley 93- Lindsey 101. Again Lindsey took the win because the got 5 outs with Burghley not getting any. It really shows how individually batting, bowling and fielding can all have a huge impact on the score.