Upper School

On joining our dynamic Upper School, pupils are encouraged to blossom as Copthill Learners.  To enable this to happen our curriculum broadens to include new challenges such as learning Spanish.  Specialist teachers offer and teach a wider range of subjects.  Assessment continues to be an ongoing process, integral to all teaching and learning activities, which enables us to identify our pupils’ strengths and to target their next steps.

Every child is known and every child is supported.

Academic Support

Yr 4 pupilsHave a form teacher who is the focus of the academic and pastoral care for each child.
Yr 5 pupilsAre assigned a personal tutor who has a pivotal role in promoting our personalised approach to learning. The tutor influences the development of the child, emphasising high standards of work and behaviour, monitoring academic progress, encouraging involvement in all that school has to offer and helping every pupil to achieve their aspirations through motivation and challenge.
Yr 5/6 pupilsWork in small tutor groups to promote peer support and personal development. Tutor group meetings take place twice a week and allow pupils to work together to develop trust and respect for one another and for themselves.
Yr 6 pupilsAre encouraged to apply for a position of responsibility in the school. Assistant roles include working with animals, or in the office or sports departments. These are advertised officially and require the completion of an application form. As a result, Year 6 pupils begin to develop skills that should benefit them in the future. Informal appraisals take place throughout the year to ensure that pupils are carrying out their roles effectively.

Our pupils leave the Upper School well prepared for the next stage of their educational journeys.