Year 3

We are detectives!

Many things to find and discover this week in Year 3 and so many choices to make whilst considering differing food types, differing colours and patterns. So many options, but Year 3 soon made firm decisions!

Our focus on healthy eating continued this week as the children learnt all about the different food types, their importance for our bodies and which are known to be more valuable for our bodies than others. Once secure in their understanding a food bag raided from Mrs Donaldson’s pantry was ordered into a real food pyramid by the class. Then the children created their own food pyramids filling them with their favourite food within the differing catagories.

It’s been another chilly week and what more would we have liked to warm us up than a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate? So we set to it in our art lesson this week making our very own 3D steaming cuppa! Here are a few photos of the progress to date. Final compositions will be on display next week! The children used oil pastels and an ink wash to create differing patterns and images for the cup, the wallpaper and the surface area. Our classrooms were awash with colour!

In our Outdoor Learning sessions this half term our detective hats are on! The children have been looking at habitats of differing wildlife within the school grounds. They have enjoyed searching for clues for some creatures by identifying their prints in the ground which often led them to their habitats. Their eyes were peeled as not all habitats were at ground level of course!

Take a look at what our cameras have detected in the school grounds!